Many of us creatives loathe the idea of working with others. We see it as pointless and as an inconvenience to ourselves. However, there are times where working in a team is the better option than working as an individual. There’s no denying the fact that working in a team can produce results which surpass anything we could have done on our own.

We aren’t perfect, though we try to be. Naturally, some people excel in some areas more than others. For example, one of us has phenomenal typography skills while another one of us can create untouchable illustrations. Imagine the work we can produce if some of us decide to collaborate and contribute our most polished skills. If we look at the world’s most successful design projects today, most, if not all, of them came forth as the result of a group effort. If we can somehow find others with whom we can work with relatively easily then there’s no telling the type of design we could produce.

Something as overlooked as simple conversation can conceive such wonderful ideas if had among the right designers. Sometimes a group of creatives talking casually can be the beginning of the changing of the world. Furthermore, brainstorming is incredibly powerful. The possibilities that could come about from more than one creative mind conversing, constructing and competing with other creative minds can be ginormous. Bouncing ideas back and forth around the room with one another can help us comprehensively say what we feel. Too many times we know what we feel and know it to be true, however when it’s time to articulate it we have no clue how to begin.

Working in a team can also help us to grow individually as well. We all have our ways of doing certain things. When we interact with other designers and see their though processes, their work ethics, their techniques etc. we stand to learn so many new things. This is especially beneficial to younger designers. As talented as one may be, there is no substitute from learning from an experienced person. A silent mentorship is formed in this way and ultimately works to make the world a better place.

Being open to working in a team is a trait that a lot of us do not possess. Maybe it’s due to bad team-work experiences in the past, fear, or many other reasons. However, no matter how valid these reasons are, working in a team is not always a bad thing. If we can open ourselves a little more we might be surprised how much we expand our horizons and benefit as a result.